Hit the Road, Jack.

Today's the day. Bye, bye Washington!

The movers came on Wednesday and loaded everything on the truck in 3 little hours.  They were an awesome team! Also, it never ceases to amaze me how they carry boxes on their backs. It's pretty impressive.  I felt like I was in the way the entire time because I wasn't allowed to help them.  Here are some shots from moving day. [Excuse the quality...they were all taken with my phone.]

United was AMAZING.
We couldn't have planned a better day for the movers.
The sun was beaming but it was chilly so they stayed
comfortable while they hauled boxes and furniture.
Left: Our living room on packing day.
Right: Our living room on moving day.
These were taken from the same point in
the room. HUGE difference.
I spent Thursday and Friday running errands (delivering gifts, throwing more junk away, getting the oil changed in Neal's truck, getting Cooper's talons nails trimmed), cleaning our apartment from top to bottom, and loading our truck up.  Seriously, our apartment may not have even been this clean when we first moved in. 

Right now we're probably somewhere in Oregon, eating Voodoo Doughnuts (I'm probably scarfing down a Bacon Maple Bar as you read this).  By the end of driving day one, we should  be somewhere in Northern California. 

Pray for us as we begin our journey across this beautiful country! We appreciate your prayers so so much!


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