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Have you ever heard a song and something about it just hits you deep in your soul? That song for me was (is) Fullness by Elevation Worship.  A few weeks ago, Neal went to meet a guy about selling our beloved Chevelle.  That morning, Neal had walked out of the house, a bit frustrated that we hadn't sold the Chevelle yet, saying "We need to be done with this. If he offers to buy it, no matter what he offers, I'm going to sell it."  He then texted me about an hour later saying that this guy is serious and is going to buy it.

Not only was he going to buy it. But he was going to buy it to fix up and restore for his son.  If you don't know, the Chevelle was bought from a father and son by a father and son (Neal and his Dad) and then we were selling it to a father and son.  Something just felt right about it.  It probably sounds like a silly thing, but to us it was a sign that God's hand was in this.  There was a peace about it that only comes from the Lord.

When …

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