Monday, September 10, 2012

Kinslee June Sigmon ♥

Big news to announce!  On Saturday, Neal and I were blessed to become an aunt and uncle!  Neal's older sister, Lauren, gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

Kinslee June Sigmon
09.08.12 | 9lbs. 11oz. | 21 in. | 7:35pm

This last photo is extra cool because Samantha, Mike's sister, Kinslee's aunt, is the youngest of six.  There were no more babies after her.  Now, ON HER BIRTHDAY, she gained her first niece! What an awesome birthday gift?! :)
*I stole these pictures from Darryl Sigmon Photography (Kinslee's Grandpa, 'Big Daddy D') via Facebook.  Thanks, Darryl!

So, now, how did we find out? Ha. Funny story.  On Saturday morning, Neal and I got up and decided we were going to drive down to Tacoma and go to Cabela's.  It's about an hour drive from here.  So, we walk into Cabela's (literally, we had taken maybe 10 steps into the store) and get a call and find out Lauren's going to the hospital (or at the's kind of a blur.)  I was SUPER excited. So was Neal. But I am apparently a little better at controlling my excitement.  Or better at acting on it, at least.  Neal finds out she's going to the hospital and immediately wants to turn around, get in the car, board Cooper, and get on a plane to Virginia.  He literally walked out of the store and when I was slowly trailing behind him he turns around and he's like, "Annie, what are you doing?! We need to go NOW!"  Haha.  It was so sweet :) I finally stopped him and we agreed that by the time we got to Virginia they'd still be at the hospital and we wouldn't have enough time to spend as Neal only has two days off from work and so we need an entire weekend.  SO, we decide we'd just stay in Washington for a few days. 

This experience has taught us to be SO thankful for technology.  Thanks to text messaging and Skype we were able to be a part of the same experience (minus holding Kinslee) as everyone else.  It was SUCH a blessing. Mike's brother, David, pulled up Skype on his phone and Neal and I got to meet Kinslee and chat with Lauren and Mike (and EVERYONE else.)  It. Was. Awesome.  We were, and still are, SO excited.  We'll be heading to Virginia this Saturday and we are so thrilled.  Goodness.  We can't wait to get to Virginia, meet Kinslee, and help the new parents in any way we can!

Yay for our new niece! God is good :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

High Five for Friday

It's FRIDAY. Yes!  Probably seems silly that I get excited about it being Friday since I'm not working right now.  But, it DOES make a difference.  Since we got here I have spent the majority of my days looking for jobs, doing laundry, cleaning, and taking care of miscellaneous, but necessary, tasks (setting up cable/internet, searching for a bank, looking for a church, and trying to keep our tiny little hotel room clean). Not to mention, Friday means that the weekend is upon us, and weekends mean I get my husband for two entire days :)  Can't beat that!

Anyways, "High Five for Friday."  What?  On Fridays, I plan to post the highlights from mine and Neal's week. Feel free to share what you've been doing during the week also!

1. Neal and I reviewed our budget and we have WAY more money left over each month than we thought we ever would.  God is GOOD.  This means far less pressure on me to find a job immediately. (Although, trust me, I'm still looking!)

2. My Mom sent us a package this week and in that package she enclosed an eastern Virginia staple, OLD BAY. I am SO appreciative of this.  Now we can eat seafood the proper way :)

3. I got bored and decided to go to Joann Etc. (It's like Joann Fabrics and Michael's COMBINED, aka crafting HEAVEN!).  I made these easy peasy headbands for my soon-to-be-born niece, Kinslee :) Won't they look so nice on her precious little newborn head?

4. I drove up to the town just north of us, Poulsbo, to go to the bank. I got a little turned around and had to turn around in a Home Depot parking lot, at the top of a very steep hill.  When I turned around I looked up and had this PERFECT view of Mt. Rainier.  I took this with my phone so it's really faint, but still beautiful.  I love how it was almost 90 degrees where I was and yet the mountain was still snow-capped. GORGEOUS.

5. Since we'll be coming back to Virginia in the next couple of weeks to meet Kinslee, I wanted to take Cooper to the vet to make sure they don't have any weird vaccines he'd need in order to be boarded in a kennel here.  Sure enough, he needed a vaccine. He did awesome at the vet but has been pretty sleepy the rest of the afternoon. Poor guy.

So, this was our, okay, well, MY week.  What have YOU all been up to this week?!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

So, you ask, what have we been up to out here in the great state of Washington?  Well, mostly, trying to enjoy this GORGEOUS weather.  Seriously. I can't seem to get over how beautiful the weather is here this time of year.  It's in the 50's when we get up in the morning, usually gets up to somewhere between 72 and 80 in the afternoon, and then cools down to the 60's in the evenings.  Oh, and did I mention there is NO humidity?!  Coming from the middle of the summer..this is a HUGE deal.  It's just perfect.

Anyways, we were able to fit quite a bit in to this three-day weekend.  Saturday we just kind of hung out.  I was really tired so Neal was sweet enough to let me take a two hour nap in the middle of the afternoon.  That evening we went and had our first home-cooked meal since we've been here. A friend of Neal's from work (and his lovely wife) invited us over to their house to have dinner with them and their adorable two-year-old daughter.  It. Was. So. Delicious. Yummm.  He grilled chicken legs and vegetables.  Let me say it again... It. Was. So. Delicious.  And we couldn't have beat the company.  I'd never met them but they were a lot of fun and seem to have a lot in common with Neal and I.  It's nice to know SOMEONE out here so hopefully we'll be able to get together with them again :)

On Sunday we decided to put Cooper in the truck and we drove up to Sequim.
"A" is the Silverdale Beach Hotel where we've been living and "B" is the Olympic Game Farm
It's a little more than an hour drive.  But it was TOTALLY worth it.  We visited the Olympic Game Farm.  You can read more about it on their site but they have TONS of animals there. Most of which we'd never seen in person.  Well, except for at a zoo, but this is NOT a zoo.  Trust me.  You know it's not a zoo when you have elk and yaks and various other odd animals sticking their face through your car window.  Here are a few of our favorite pictures :)

Neal feeding a buffalo.

European Fallow Deer.

Yakity Yak. Okay. Just a regular Yak. :)

This guy was VERY friendly. I liked this bear :)

I swear these zebras were trying to hide behind these trees.


European Fallow Deer. I have NEVER seen so many deer in my life.

Elk. I love this shot.

Cooper and the baby elk were giving each other some love :)

After we left the Game Farm we were going to head back to Silverdale to find something to do for the evening.  But, instead, we decided to follow the signs to this adorable berry farm.  We ended up at Graymarsh Farm.  We each got a bucket and chose a different type of berry to pick.  I picked blueberries.  Neal picked Loganberries.  Which, in case you don't know (because we didn't and had to look it up while we were picking), Loganberries are a hybrid of raspberries and blackberries.  And let me tell you, that is EXACTLY what they look AND taste like.  They're delicious!  Here are some shots from our berry picking outing.

Pickin' away!

Loganberry bush.

Neal's loganberries he picked.

My blueberries.

This may be my new favorite picture of us :)
And oh yeah, our view while we were in Sequim.....

We didn't take any pictures on Monday, but Monday we went down to Bremerton for the Bremerton Blackberry Festival.  It was fun.  For our Gloucester friends, it was somewhere in between the Guinea Jubilee and the Daffodil Festival.  We ate some of THE best blackberry cobbler we've ever had.  They had any blackberry product you could imagine: Cobbler, pie, jam, jelly, soda, etc. Yum!  

I hope you all were able to have as enjoyable a weekend as we were!