Day Seven

Today we covered five states.  We started the day out in Mississippi, drove through Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky and ended the day in Indiana.  We're thrilled to be in Indiana with my grandparents!  We haven't been out here to visit since February of 2012 and this is only Neal's second visit.
Delicious almond turtle from Mississippi.
We were supposed to have dinner with my grandparents but thanks to hitting Nashville around 5:00pm on a Friday (we got stuck in rush-hour traffic) and forgetting there was one last time change, we didn't make it to Indiana until 9:00pm.  We were able to still sit up and chat with my Grandpa and Grandma for a couple of hours and briefly catch up about the trip.
Coop tried so hard to be as close to us as possible at all times.
Tomorrow we'll be spending the day here in Indiana.  We'll be exploring their town, particularly giving Neal a tour of the construction around the new Ohio River bridges being built going into Louisville, and then going to dinner with the family (we're talking almost 20 people....and no, that's not the whole family). 

Beautiful Kentucky sunset.
Sidenote: The bridges we're going to check out tomorrow is a project that Neal's company put in a bid for and I secretly wish his company would have won the project so we would have had the opportunity to live here.  But, that would've meant we never would've gone to Washington, so I'm also thankful that the Lord is in control and I'm not because our lives would've been completely different.  



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