Day Three

We did a lot of desert driving today. The drive between LA and Phoenix was so boring. But, before all the boring driving, we started our day in Los Angeles. It was pretty neat. We visited the Santa Monica Pier first thing. It was cool to see and experience when it was so calm, quiet and wasn't bustling. We preferred it that way. We're not big-crowd-lovers. Coop thoroughly enjoyed running around on the beach like a lunatic. And we got in a lot of laughs watching him [literally] run circles in the sand.

Next I requested we drive down Rodeo Drive. It was kind of amazing. And beautiful. Beverly Hills was gorgeous!  Next we drove down Hollywood Blvd. which still had a large portion blocked off from the Oscars yesterday.
It was 75 and sunny. GORGEOUS.

Lastly [in LA] we went up to the Griffith Observatory. We didn't actually go in but we took a walk on the trails and had a great view of the Hollywood sign! 
Even Cooper got a photo with the Hollywood sign.
After LA we drove to Arizona. We were able to have dinner and hang out with two of my cousins and their families that I haven't seen in, um, maybe 12 [or more] years? It was pretty great. I'm so so glad we were able to make that happen!

Also in Arizona, we met up with our friends, Rachel and Stephen. They were flying in the same day after a family vacation to Disney World so we met up with them Monday night and hung out at their apartment. They so graciously allowed Neal and I to crash on our air mattress at their apartment. It was so good getting the chance to see them because it just doesn't happen often enough! Also, we've been friends for 11 years and it was kind of surreal staying at Rach's place in Arizona with my husband. Sometimes it's still crazy that we're all adults. Just sayin'.

So wonderful seeing this girl!
Oh, and I have to mention the weather.  If Virginia could get a clue and lean more toward today's weather in California and Arizona (75° and sunny) rather than their own weather (cold and snowy) we'd be really happy folks.


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