I'm sure many of you have been seeing the posts all over Facebook about things that people are thankful for. I haven't been doing that, but it's created this awareness of what I am thankful for. It's helped me foster an attitude of thankfulness and gratitude.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving and the fact that as Christians we are called to be thankful [in all circumstances], I thought it would be nice to share what I'm thankful for this year!

1. I'm first and foremost thankful for a God who loves me unconditionally despite me failing, in some way, every. single. day.

2. I am thankful for gaining such a wonderful husband this year who loves me so well.

3. I'm thankful that in gaining my awesome husband, I also gained his amazing family. They bless me daily :)

4. I'm thankful for my awesome parents. They have made my life so much easier [and so much more enjoyable]. Always offering love, encouragement, guidance [even when I don't want it but need it :)], and a good laugh.

5. I'm thankful for having four awesome siblings which has multiplied into TEN thanks to their marriages and my own :)

6. I'm thankful for SEVEN beautiful, happy, healthy nieces and nephews [and I look forward to more being added in the future].

7. Sounds silly, but I'm thankful for social media [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, etc.]. I took them for granted living in Virginia with most of my friends and family, but they have proved to be such a blessing in keeping Neal and I connected with friends and family now that we live across the country.

8. I'm thankful we have found a bible-preaching, people-loving church. If you've never looked for a church, let me tell you, it's hard. Thankfully, the Lord has led us to an awesome body of Christ!

9. I'm thankful for grandparents. As I've grown older I have learned to treasure my relationship with them, as well as the wisdom they impart, so much more.

10. I hate change, but I'm thankful for it. Giving up everything I've ever known to move to a place I've never been 8 days after I got married has proved very difficult, but has stretched me and grown me more than I ever could have imagined.

11. I'm thankful that Neal has a job that provides not only for the necessities but also for seemingly frivolous things like last minute plane tickets home to meet and love on our precious niece :)

12. I'm thankful for Cooper [our beagle]. I can't believe it's taken me til #12 to list him! Poor guy. As aggravating as he can be sometimes [whining, barking, howling, needing to be walked in the rain, always chewing on something...], I love him to pieces and I treasure his companionship so much!

There are TONS more things I'm thankful for like the dog park, random packages/letters/cards from home, Target...but I could sit here all. day. long. and list all these things. 

Remember to not only have an "attitude of gratitude" but let the people you're thankful for know that you are, indeed, thankful. Write a card. Make a phone call. Saying "thank you" doesn't have to cost anything but can change someone's day, week, or life. For real. 

"Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you, who belong to Christ, to live." -1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


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