Hello, Again!

I've been slacking on this. I apologize!  This last month has seemed to FLY by!

I'm still not working.  I've been looking like crazy and applying for pretty much any job I don't think will make me miserable. I've applied for secretary positions, pre-school teacher and assistant jobs, social work jobs, and Neal's boss even suggested I apply for some jobs on their work site (no worries, that's not happening!).  We're just trusting that the right job will come about at the right time (i.e. God's time).  I'm trying my absolute hardest to trust in the Lord for His provision.  Some days are easier than others. It gets lonely, and quite frankly, boring being a stay-at-home wife a lot of the time. I don't do well just sitting idly.

When we found out we were moving here, so many of you encouraged us to first and foremost seek out a church.  (Thank you! It's awesome advice!) We've gone to several and are beginning to settle into a church here called Silverdale Baptist Church. I've been three times, Neal's been twice (He was out of town, not sleeping in. No worries). This church just seems to suit our needs at the point we're at in our lives.  It's so difficult to find a church that reaches out to twenty-somethings, both  married and single, and this church does an AWESOME job of doing that.  There are so many people there our age.  They also have Life Groups (small groups that meet once a week to discuss that week's sermon with a focus of building relationships) which we intend to join very soon.  We're hoping that this will allow us to really bond with some people at the church. Be praying with us that God will show us exactly where He wants to use us (how He wants us to serve and minister to others).

I also recently discovered a local dog park.  Cooper is in doggy heaven there.  Haha. It's a rather large park and he can just run free for hours on end with 10-20 other dogs.  He LOVES it.  It's important that we're ALL happy while we're out here, Cooper included ;)

I'll let Neal write more about it once he returns...but as a lot of you know, he's been on a hunting trip in Montana with his Dad this week.  He gets back tomorrow night. I'll be glad to have our home 'whole' again.  I've missed him! They went to a place called Dog Creek Outfitters.  I've only had the chance to talk to Neal for about 30 minutes while he's been there (there's NO cell phone service where they're at) but from what he was able to tell me it sounds like they've had a good time! Like I said, I'll let him tell you all the juicy details, but I can tell you that he's had good luck while he's been there...AKA we'll be eating VERY good :)

We're slowly but surely meeting people, but we're realizing how difficult it is to form real relationships with people who share the same values that we do. We miss home but we know, deep down, that the Lord brought us here for a reason.  We want to serve Him in all that we do here. It's really setting in now that we're away from our families and we will be for the next few years...there's no place like home. So, if you've ever wanted to visit Washington, I'd encourage you to NOW ;)  Haha. But really, visitors are WELCOME!

Neal will be posting soon all about his Montana adventures.  We hope this post finds you all well!

Thanks for sharing in all the days of our life.


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