Mr. and Mrs.

Hello, again! I'm now writing as a MARRIED woman :) I couldn't be more
excited. I am absolutely loving everything about married life.

While marriage IS a HUGE change that has recently occurred in mine and
Neal's's not the only one.

As I shared previously, Neal's company offered him, well, us, the
opportunity to move across the country. Literally. It had been placed on
our hearts to be open to relocation. When we got the offer to move to
Washington we knew it was 100% of God. Within a week's time we had almost
all of the plans made. Part of this plan, though, included me quitting a
job that I loved. In this economy it probably seems dumb to quit a full
time job, especially one you love. But, we had (and have) no doubt that God
has big plans for my career.

Also, in case you forgot, Neal moved to Washington in July. That meant he
would be gone for the entire month before our wedding. Some people were
worried about this. But really, Neal and I weren't. The only time it got
really difficult was about week before the wedding. I was trying to pull
together last minute details of the apartments top of preparing not one
but TWO apartments for our big move. It was hectic and I was missing
Neal. But, just when I started to get weary, my best friend came into
town! Yes! God. Is. Good. She was just what I needed.  She made me
laugh and was just the right amount of help :) (Thanks, Rach!)

Then, before I knew it, our wedding day was finally here! Saturday,
August 18, 2012. It was supposed to storm all. day. long. One of my
bridesmaids went with me Saturday morning to get our hair done.  The
sky was black the WHOLE time. I was a bit nervous. It wasn't until I
was getting ready to walk down the aisle with my Dad that I realized
the sun was shining and there wasn't a single cloud in the sky. God
truly blessed that day. It was perfect. Not 100% traditional, but 100%
us. And that's all we wanted. Our friends, family, and parents put in
SO much work to make our wedding day exactly what we wanted. It
overwhelms me how awesome the people in our lives are. Really. We
couldn't have asked for more!

So...what are we doing ten days later? Well, I write this from our
hotel room in Silverdale, WA! We made it to the west coast :) We are
thrilled to begin our marriage out here and to experience all that God
has in store for us here. Continue reading as we share our west coast


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