Packing Day

Packing day came and went SO quickly. Geez.

I got up extra early, took Coop to a friend's house, grabbed breakfast and then came home to....wait. I was told the packers would be here between 8:30 and 10:00am and that the crate company would arrive between 8:00 and 11:00am.  Finally, after what seemed like the longest wait ever, the packers arrived at 9:00am.  They immediately got to work and started bringing packing materials inside.  The crate company arrived at 10:00 and by 11:30 the crate company was done and about half of our belongings had already been packed into boxes.

You see that? They rolled out the red carpet for us. Literally.

What I didn't realize was how much stuff we have in our kitchen! Who knew one tiny little kitchen could hold SO MUCH STUFF. Seriously. I'm counting 12, yes, TWELVE boxes from our kitchen alone.  I am absolutely blown away by that.

Seriously, y'all, 12 boxes!
As we stand right now, all the packing is DONE.  Those men busted it out and were done by 2:15pm. Packing, labeling, cleaning up, and paperwork were all done in four and a half hours (they took a lunch break and a morning break).  Our apartment is a mess and there are boxes everywhere, but the packing is DONE.

In the midst of all this chaos, I'm still SO EXCITED. I expected to feel overwhelmed and stressed since I crave order, but having professionals pack all this junk of our lovely things has actually helped to lessen the stress.  I mean, I do not have the skills to pack things like they have.  There's no way  I could be responsible for packing.  Let's be honest, the stuff I packed would never make it all the way to Virginia, survive being stored at a storage facility for a month (or more), and then arrive to wherever our home ends up being unbroken. No no no. I'm so thankful for these guys and SO thankful that Neal's company makes this happen for us!

Oh, and FOUR MORE DAYS.  But who's counting?


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