West Coast Bound!

Today is the day! Neal left for Bangor, WA first thing this morning.  He starts work out there tomorrow.  This has been such a fast-paced change but we are so excited about this opportunity!

A few weeks ago, June 19 to be exact, Neal emailed me and said, "Holy crap.  I just got asked by [my boss] if I would be open to going to the explosives handling wharf job.  It’s another Navy job, but it’s in Seattle….We can talk about it."  I think he expected me to be very sceptic of just up and moving across the country.  But what did I say?  I responded with, "WHAT?!  I'd totally go." And so, we're going!  This is 100% a God orchestrated event.  A week before Neal emailed me I had been at work and had some time on my hands so I wrote Neal this letter about a few things that had been on my heart.  The focus of the letter was about how God was preparing me for something.  I told him I wasn't sure what but that I felt we were being led to move somewhere.  I had NO idea where that meant God was leading us, but I knew God was working and I just wanted to let Him do whatever He was going to do.  I then decided that there was NO way we'd be moving anywhere anytime soon.  Neal had just been put in the home office and he'd been told he'd be there for a while.  So, what did I do?  I didn't give him the letter.  Silly little me thought that if I couldn't see the pieces of God's plan coming together RIGHT that moment then that meant we were going to be staying in Virginia.  How wrong was I?!  I about fell out when I got that email from Neal.  I couldn't believe it. 

Neal and I both feel SO at peace about this decision.  It's crazy.  Really.  The majority of people we've told have been so incredibly supportive and we've been so blessed.  There have been those few people who say, "Well, what if this 3 year project turns into a 5 year project?" "What if you regret it?"  "What about the stuff in Virginia you'll be missing?"  Honestly, we're just trusting 100% that God will take care of us.  We are so excited about all of the people we will meet and places we will go.  God is going to do something awesome.  SO awesome.

Neal will be in Washington from today on.  He'll be coming home for a weekend trip in August and then he'll be here for about 10 days for the wedding and the official move.  I'll be going out to Washington in a couple of weeks.  My first time to the west coast!  And Neal's first time is today! :)

Please pray with us that we will follow God through this journey and that He will use us to accomplish His will.

Thank you all for sharing in all the days of our life!


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