Kinslee June Sigmon ♥

Big news to announce!  On Saturday, Neal and I were blessed to become an aunt and uncle!  Neal's older sister, Lauren, gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

Kinslee June Sigmon
09.08.12 | 9lbs. 11oz. | 21 in. | 7:35pm

This last photo is extra cool because Samantha, Mike's sister, Kinslee's aunt, is the youngest of six.  There were no more babies after her.  Now, ON HER BIRTHDAY, she gained her first niece! What an awesome birthday gift?! :)
*I stole these pictures from Darryl Sigmon Photography (Kinslee's Grandpa, 'Big Daddy D') via Facebook.  Thanks, Darryl!

So, now, how did we find out? Ha. Funny story.  On Saturday morning, Neal and I got up and decided we were going to drive down to Tacoma and go to Cabela's.  It's about an hour drive from here.  So, we walk into Cabela's (literally, we had taken maybe 10 steps into the store) and get a call and find out Lauren's going to the hospital (or at the's kind of a blur.)  I was SUPER excited. So was Neal. But I am apparently a little better at controlling my excitement.  Or better at acting on it, at least.  Neal finds out she's going to the hospital and immediately wants to turn around, get in the car, board Cooper, and get on a plane to Virginia.  He literally walked out of the store and when I was slowly trailing behind him he turns around and he's like, "Annie, what are you doing?! We need to go NOW!"  Haha.  It was so sweet :) I finally stopped him and we agreed that by the time we got to Virginia they'd still be at the hospital and we wouldn't have enough time to spend as Neal only has two days off from work and so we need an entire weekend.  SO, we decide we'd just stay in Washington for a few days. 

This experience has taught us to be SO thankful for technology.  Thanks to text messaging and Skype we were able to be a part of the same experience (minus holding Kinslee) as everyone else.  It was SUCH a blessing. Mike's brother, David, pulled up Skype on his phone and Neal and I got to meet Kinslee and chat with Lauren and Mike (and EVERYONE else.)  It. Was. Awesome.  We were, and still are, SO excited.  We'll be heading to Virginia this Saturday and we are so thrilled.  Goodness.  We can't wait to get to Virginia, meet Kinslee, and help the new parents in any way we can!

Yay for our new niece! God is good :)


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