Quickly Approaching!

Just this past weekend, yesterday as a matter of fact, my wonderful beautiful bridesmaids had a bridal shower for me.  It was so beautiful and organized and perfect.  Seriously, I couldn't have planned a more perfect shower if I would have done it myself.  I was surrounded by people that I love and we were able to eat lots of sweets and just enjoy each other's company. I am so blessed.  My best friend, Rachel, one of my bridesmaids, was even able to be here despite currently living in Oklahoma. Neal and I received some beautiful gifts from some beautiful people :)  Thank you notes will be going out promptly!

Wedding plans just seem to be falling into place perfectly.  My aunt, who is altering my dress and doing all of my flowers is amazing and after just talking to her on the phone about everything, I already know how gorgeous all of the arrangements will be.  Again, I am so blessed.  She lives in South Carolina so meeting face to face is a little difficult with me being in Virginia and all. She's bringing my dress back, with alterations done, next weekend and then the weekend after that I'm doing...BRIDAL PORTRAITS.  I'm excited to get my dress back on and feel really bridey.  Yep, just made that word up :) 

Neal and I have made a to-do list of what needs to get done before the wedding and while it just seems to keep growing and growing it's really not that long, believe it or not!  It's just all the small details that we have to work on from here on out.  Gifts for everyone...that kind of thing. 

In other news, my sister-in-law, Lauren, invited all of us to go to a 4D ultrasound with her and her husband on Friday.  It was SO neat!  I am so stinking excited for this precious little girl to be here in a few months.  She is going to be so spoiled, but mostly, she will be so LOVED.  Goodness.  I already love her to pieces!  I'm really excited to be throwing Lauren a shower next month :)  It's taking my mind off of wedding stuff and I'm just so excited to celebrate Lauren and this beautiful child. 

Goodness gracious.  Life is just filled with so many wonderful things right now!  God is so good and I am so blessed.

Thanks for sharing in all the days of our life!

P.S. Only 75 days until the wedding!  But...really..who's counting? :)


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