Preparing for Marriage

Get 2009 18.9% of men and women in the United States were divorced.  That's 2,318,615 people! WHAT?!  Ridiculous, right?  I really can't even wrap my mind around that number.  I can't explain why so many people get divorced...but I would be willing to bet money that if more people prepared for the marriage as opposed to the wedding they would be in a much better place in their marriage.  And maybe there wouldn't be so many divorces.  Just maybe.

In saying this, Neal and I are in the midst of this awesome book.  Neal's Uncle Billy is our pastor and will be officiating our ceremony in August.  He is doing pre-marital counseling with us as he does with all couples that he marries.  The book is "Preparing for Marriage," by Dennis Rainey.  Getting married?  Thinking about getting married?  Read it. 

Neal and I are really open about everything and we talk about everything.  In saying that, this book touches on every detail about marriage that you could possibly think of.  It touches on several things we hadn't talked about.  Like, where will spend the holidays? And, who will do the grocery shopping?  And, who will clean the bathrooms and keep up the maintenance on the cars? And that's just the surface stuff.  It also digs into your spiritual beliefs, family backgrounds, opinions on child rearing, financial goals, etc. 

The book is meant to provoke thought about these topics as well as lots of discussion.  It does just that.  I think it's perfect for marriage preparation.  If you're looking for a wedding preparation're out of luck.  But, remember that the wedding is really a symbol of the marriage to follow!

Thanks for sharing in all the days of our life!


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