Day One: Here We Go!

Hi!  Thanks for taking the time to stop in and read :)  I appreciate you.  I appreciate your time.  This is my first post so I want to first begin by kind of introducing me and introducing my blog.  First things first, my blog, "All the Days of Our Life" is titled so because I have been studying Proverbs 31.  Verse 12 says, "She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life."  I love this.  I will be getting married on August 18 of this year (2012).  I am THRILLED to become a wife and more than anything I want to bring GOOD and not harm to my soon-to-be husband all the days of his life.  And since I'm getting married it won't just be HER life will be OUR life.  Thus, "All the Days of Our Life" has come to be!  So...why am I writing this blog, you ask?  Well, I have always been a writer.  Not a story-writer or novelist.  Just a writer.  That's how I best communicate.  Words.  I love words.  Ironic since I used to HATE reading.  I have always written my parents, sister, friends, communicate how I am feeling, both good and bad.  Once I began writing I was encouraged to continue doing so by those who received those letters. And while no one ever said, "Hey, Annie, go write a blog,"  it is something I have been considering for quite some time now.  Now just seemed right.  I thought that this way I would be able to share my life, my wedding plans, and life as Neal (my fiance) and I head into marriage this year.  I hope that I haven't bored you too much and that you will come back to follow me (well, us) on our journey!


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